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35 years of innovation

De Vlaamse Waterweg is the department of the Belgian government covering all management of the Flemish inland waterways. Already since 2008, we have been selected to protect the sheet piles in the drainage tunnels in Zeebrugge against corrosion. Our patented DZI mobile cofferdams and environmentally friendly Humidur coatings allow us to comply with the specific demands and challenges of this project. The tunnels have to remain operational during the maintenance.

These drainage tunnels are used to flush the excess of water due to heavy rainfall over Belgium to avoid the fields, meadows and rivers from flooding. This project is of strategic importance to the entire country and of economic importance to the port of Zeebrugge as these tunnels support all access roads to the port from the mainland.

We would like to thank De Vlaamse Waterweg for their trust and support in our company and technology today and during the last 35 years.