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The company Acotec was established in 1971, first under the name of General Coatings. The company’s objective was and still is, developing products and special techniques for anticorrosion treatment of structural steel. In 1984, Humidur coatings were launched as a game-changing technology in durable and cost-effective treatment of marine steel structures. Since then, Acotec created two divisions to approach the market:

  1. Manufacturing facility and laboratory to produce Humidur coatings
  2. Marine contracting division to develop, produce and use special access equipment (such as DZI mobile cofferdams for access to submerged structures)

Due to the success in the first years, the use of Humidur expanded to other industries: oil & gas storage and transport, offshore oil & gas, petrochemical industry, shipping, mining, pipelines, etc.

Building on references of several decades, Humidur has become a strong and reliable partner in corrosion treatment that stands for cost savings, environmentally friendly and durable protection.



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