Acotec’s mission is to change the world of coatings by offering long term corrosion protection and user-friendly coating products under the brand “Humidur”.

With its cornerstones of top quality, reliability and effectiveness, the Humidur brand of coating products stand for:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Cost-savings
  • Long term protection
  • User-friendly

Let’s face corrosion!


Humidur coatings are designed for long-term protection and stop corrosion on steel assets in the marine industry, petrochemical, offshore, oil & gas, shipping, mining, construction, etc. and to seal off concrete constructions.

We aim to unify high-end coating chemistry and hands-on applications to support maintenance campaigns and protect new builds.

As coating manufacturer, we offer training and technical support in the field of Humidur coating application to ensure the highest quality in application under the given site conditions. Humidur offers a wide window of application conditions, ensuring top quality in less controlled environments.

With a global reach to our valued customers, we wish to offer a personal service and a reliable and maintenance-friendly corrosion protection.


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Let's face corrosion together

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