All Humidur® products are two-component solvent-free epoxy coatings, developed and solely produced by Acotec. The product was initially developed to stop underwater heavy marine corrosion. Since its first application in 1984, the product is claim-free until today.

Heavy-duty performance and outstanding properties

The Humidur® coatings are on the market since 1984. Since that first application, the system is claim-free from any failures on the coating and on the application, even in highly corrosive environments. The system has proven to be maintenance-free when there has been minimal or no mechanical impact.

Humidur® is a system designed to use in all kinds of water and has a high chemical resistance at the same time. The system has proven to be effective in salt, brackish, fresh, drinking and even waste water. It also protects steel tanks and pipes with more aggressive chemicals.

In the marine and shipping industry, the products may also be used in submerged, splash zone and tidal areas and in atmospheric zones. In other words, Humidur® is able to function on the complete structure. This is proven in practice on multiple structures for several decades!

Other properties include:

  • Proven lifetime of over 35 years in highly corrosive environments
  • Stops biological corrosion
  • Practical results show adhesion strengths of over 20 MPa
  • Can perform in a wide range of temperatures from -35°C up to 150°C
  • Resistant to most fluids between pH 0 and 14 (Consult the Humidur team for detailed information)
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Surface tolerant: minimal surface preparation can be done
  • Unlimited overcoating
  • Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance
  • Any RAL-coloris available

Humidur® has approvals for drinking water, offshore, petrochemical, etc. The coating system is approved by many national and international authorities, industries and governments.

Technical back-up is available from a wide variety of universities , accredited laboratories and reputed engineering companies.


The Humidur® coatings proved to be the most cost-effective solution according to a life cycle cost analysis conducted by Royal Haskoning. This can be explained by the fact that the coatings are maintenance-free and by the durability of the system (proven life time of over 30 years). Furthermore, Humidur® is a one-coat system, reducing the application and labor costs and the amount of waste.

User friendly

Humidur coatings are used in a wide variety of applications and industries as well for maintenance as for new builds. Humidur is designed as being user-friendly to ensure the largest window of application possibilities. Specific benefits that contribute are:

  • All Humidur® coatings are single layer
  • No primers are required.
  • If required, several layers can be applied wet-on-wet
  • Humidur is capable of curing under water and at freezing temperatures: the structure may be submerged immediately after coating application
  • The product can be applied in a relative humidity up to 95%
  • Humidur® is safe to work with: flashpoint > 100°C and even >120°C
  • Can be applied easily by spray, brush, roller or caulking variant
Environmentally friendly

The Humidur® coatings contain no solvents, no heavy metals, no coaltar, no isocyanates, no VOC’s and no TBT. The product has 100 % solids and is perfectly safe for the environment.

Humidur® is capable of curing under water without leaching taking place and has no detrimental effect on the sediment, fauna and flora in and out of the water. Humidur® stops biological corrosion and MIC without affecting or killing the bacteria.

We strive to optimize waste management as well with using Humidur as a single layer system. We also offer solvent-free cleaning agents.

Let's face corrosion together

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