• Project: De Vlaamse Waterweg
  • Industry: Marine
  • Location: Zeebrugge, Belgium

De Vlaamse Waterweg is the department of the Belgian government covering all management of the Flemish inland waterways. Corrosion management and treatment is one of their tasks. Every few years the government launches public tenders for the maintenance of the sheetpiles and tubular piles in these estuary waters. Acotec is selected in these public tenders to provide corrosion treatment by means of DZI mobile cofferdams and Humidur coatings. The next few years Acotec will provide durable corrosion treatment in almost all Flemish waters for the different departments such as Sea Scheldt – Sea Canal, the Albert Canal, and the Upper Scheldt.

One example is the protection of steel sheet piles in the drainage tunnels in Zeebrugge. Acotec has been protecting these structures over the last years and will finish all three tunnels of +/-1km by the end of this contract. These drainage tunnels are used to flush the excess of water due to heavy rainfall over Belgium and France to avoid the fields, meadows and rivers from flooding. This project is of strategic importance to the entire country and of economic importance to the port of Zeebruges as these tunnels support all access roads to the port from the mainland.

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