• Project: Fluxys
  • Industry: Marine
  • Location: Zeebrugge

Since last year, Acotec is working on the complete corrosion treatment of the coaltar-covered tubular piles of the LNG terminal of Fluxys in Zeebrugge, Belgium. In total 205 jetty piles and 12 mooring piles are being treated. Acotec applies a two-phase approach for the corrosion protection of the steel tubular piles in open sea conditions:

  • From the low water mark upwards we access the piles by means of scaffolding (all jetty piles are due to be finished by the end of 2018)
  • From the low water mark downwards we use a DZI tubular cofferdam for the entire corrosion treatment

By using this approach and the Humidur coatings, there is no interference with the port operations of Fluxys. For surface preparation an optimal mix between induction and UHP waterjetting is used. Humidur is applied in 1 layer and is able to cure under water.

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