For the past 40 years, Humidur Coatings have been entirely eco-friendly

In 1984, Humidur® was deployed effectively for the first time within a marine setting.
From that moment onwards, Humidur has emerged as a distinguished brand within the protective coating sector.

Humidur Coatings got celebrated for:
✅ 100% solvent-free
✅ Free of isocyanates and heavy metals
✅ Certification for application in marine aquatic environments with no harm to any form of biological life
✅ Ability to cure under water without any leaching
✅ Suitability for drinking water applications
✅ Consistency in layer thickness throughout decades of service, resulting in no release of (micro-)plastics into water bodies
✅ Status as one of the most enduring coating systems available, offering a lifespan exceeding 30 years

Acotec NV, the producer of Humidur Coatings, takes immense pride in its contribution towards a zero-emission environment over the past four decades within the challenging realm of coatings and chemicals.

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