Offshore constructions require the most effective anti-corrosion treatments as they face extremely corrosive marine, chemical and mechanical conditions. This includes structures such as:

  • Offshore wind farms
  • Offshore oil rigs
  • FPSOs
  • Offshore platforms
  • Temporary docking stations
  • Tension legs and semi-submersibles
  • Jack-ups
  • Etc.

Humidur® offers high performance coatings ideal to protect offshore structures from aggressive corrosion and fouling. The anti-corrosion coatings are Norsok M-501 no.7 approved and maintenance-free. They are resistant to harsh exposure conditions in submerged, splash zone and tidal areas and atmospheric zones.

When extensive surface preparation is not allowed, minimal surface preparation can be done before applying the Humidur® coatings as they are surface tolerant. The flash point of all products is higher than 100°C, making them very safe to work with.

Humidur® coatings are application friendly, e.g. they can be applied in a relative humidity up to 95% and can be applied by a variety of methods. The coatings are able to cure under water; in other words the coating may be exposed to water immediately after application.

For an overview of the benefits specific for offshore, click here.

Humidur® products have been successfully applied on offshore structures by: Shell, Statoil, ConocoPhilips, Talisman Energy, Maersk Offshore, Transocean Drilling, Fairfield Energy.

Offshore working brings a number of challenges, including accessibility, keeping disruption to any activity to a minimum and an exceptionally stringent maintenance safety policy. Acotec offers durable solutions that keep the requirement for ongoing maintenance to a minimum, while complying with the highest quality standards under an often minimal surface preparation. Moreover, Acotec provides safe and patented equipment to optimize access to structures, including cofferdams,dynamic positioning equipment, rope access, etc. For more information visit

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