• Project: Ngujima-Yin FPSO from Woodside Energy
  • Industry: Shipping, Offshore, Oil & gas
  • Location: Keppel shipyard, Singapore

Coating area: water ballast tanks, cargo oil tanks, slop tanks and the forepeak and aft peak tanks.

Acotec on site: QC/QA engineer, project engineer, a project manager and several pump operators.

Surface preparation: NACE WJ-2 (UHP water jet) and ISO 8501-1 St 3 (powertool cleaning)

Application : spray, brush and roller

The fact that Humidur coatings are solvent-free provides a safe and comfortable work environment. This is beneficial for the applicators, there is no use of air assisted spray hoods. Also, there is no risk for solvent ignition, which results in the possibility of spraying in one balast tank and welding in the adjacent tank. No ventilation is required.

Humidur ensures the unique combination of an efficient, cost-effective corrosion protection of the tanks, with a solvent free work environment. This project is partly finished and will proceed next year.

Let's face corrosion together

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