Matrix Composites & Engineering to manufacture Humidur® coatings in Australia

Matrix Composites & Engineering, a leading provider of advanced composite solutions, is pleased to announce that Matrix will manufacture Humidur® Coatings at its state-of-the-art facility in Henderson, providing enhanced outcomes for Matrix’s Corrosion Technology customers.

Matrix has executed an agreement with Acotec to manufacture, under license, Humidur® Coatings in Australia.

In June 2020, Matrix acquired the right from the Belgian-based Acotec to exclusively distribute its Humidur® Coating Systems in Australia, New Zealand, and PNG.

The manufacturing agreement builds on this distribution agreement, with Matrix set to commence the local manufacture of Humidur® Coatings towards the end of the next quarter.

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The agreement encompasses all Humidur® Coating Systems including the anti-corrosion coatings system, Humidur® FP and the innovative intumescent passive fire protection system, Humidur® Char. Humidur® Coatings are designed to provide long-term protection that substantially increases the service life of installed site infrastructure plant and materially reduces on-site application processes and time. Diversification extends to energy, resources, infrastructure and defence projects and our strategic business partners including Woodside Energy.

Matrix will now be able to produce the Humidur® Coating Systems at its facility in Henderson, which will result in numerous benefits for customers.

These benefits include a reduction in product lead times, greater stock availability, increased flexibility to cater to individual customer requirements, and an improved environmental footprint in providing the products.

Matrix Chief Executive Officer Aaron Begley said the manufacturing agreement would take Matrix’s corrosion protection offering to the next level, after almost three years of successfully distributing Humidur® Coating Systems.

“The benefits of this agreement to our new and existing customers will be significantly positive and multi-faceted,” Mr Begley said.

“The manufacture of Humidur® Coatings in closer geographical proximity to our client base, in tandem with enhanced product control, bolsters our ability to provide efficient, bespoke, and eco- friendly corrosion protection solutions.”

About Acotec

Acotec is a company that offers worldwide customer-oriented solutions to manage any type of corrosion or passive fire protection. All Acotec coatings are sustainable coatings with the aim of protecting assets, people and nature. The head office is based in Aalst, Belgium and has a worldwide distribution network. Acotec serves many companies in the offshore, oil and gas, petrochemical, shipping, marine, mining and energy sector.

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