PETRONAS awards Jurunature a 5-year contract for the supply and maintenance services of Humidur® products

We are pleased to announce that Jurunature has been awarded a 5-year contract by Petronas for the provision of supply, installation and maintenance services of Humidur® to all of Petronas assets.  This contract award was realized after several years of Humidur® coating being successfully applied to various Petronas assets and resulted in significant cost and time savings.  Humidur®  also help resolved some of the assets issues where other coatings did not perform as expected under extreme conditions. Humidur® is a single coating system, which can be applied with minimum surface preparation, provides long term protection to assets even in highly corrosive environments. Find more information on the following link:

Humidur® and Humidur® Char by Acotec

Acotec is a company that offers worldwide customer-oriented solutions to manage any type of corrosion or passive fire protection. All Acotec’s coatings are sustainable coatings with the aim to protect assets, humans and nature. The head office is based in Aalst, Belgium and has a worldwide distribution network. Acotec serves many companies in the offshore, oil and gas, petrochemical, shipping, marine, mining and energy sector. Humidur® is a sustainable and environmentally friendly one-coat anti-corrosion product and is used in various industries and markets. Humidur® Char is a sustainable and environmentally friendly PFP coating and is used in the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry. It is a revolutionary invention and proven to protect steel structures with one coat only. Please visit the website for more information.


Jurunature Sdn. Bhd., based in Malaysia, provides customized solutions for the comprehensive protection of industry assets in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Marine Industries in Malaysia and South East Asia.Nowadays. About 2500 members of personnel are working in Jurunature’s 5 acres fully equipped fabrication facility, managed by a strong financial department. The company aims to establish a good working and mutually beneficial relation with all its clients. Jurunature strives for excellence and aims to be the leading company in its field of business, complying with the highest standards in ethics and integrity and taking into account the importance of environmental protection throughout the whole process. Please visit the website for more information.

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